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By on November 20, 2017

Journal 1

So, I’ve started a college writing course that should have teach on how to write my essay. The college course has provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn about American History in various periods of time. The most absorbing part of the course was the Atlantic World exploration. I had never thought of the early historical interaction between Native Americans and the Europeans. The course has highlighted various ways Europeans came to America and brought social, economic, and political development. The Dutch played a significant role in the discovery of the Americas in the 17th century. It is gripping to learn that an explorer by the name Henry Hudson discovered North America in his journey to the Spice Islands of the East. Indeed, this discovery seems to be accidental because the explorers just tried to find a route that would have to lead them to the wealthy being.

It is also important to note that various political and economic factors contributed to the exploration of the Americas. In the 21st century, politics and trade have a great influence on international relations and the development of nations. In the same case, the European exploration of the 17th century was greatly influenced by the same authorities (Petrie, 2007). One of the economic factors that influenced the exploration was an attempt to find spices in the East. Trying to reach the spices, they came across the Americas (Petrie, 2007). The coincidence is intriguing as the search for wealth in the East led to the discovery of another fertile land that the Europeans would later exploit for their economic benefits. The Spanish also reached America searching for the wealth, as the Dutch did.

Although the explorers brought some misfortunes to the native inhabitants including diseases and war, they eventually helped colonial European powers to discover the riches of America and use them for the benefit of both the Europeans and the local inhabitants. I have once heard of a saying that a visitor brings blessings to the host. Indeed, the explorers brought blessings to the land of America by discovering the wealth of our vast land.

For the purpose of history, the European explorations help historians to understand the past experiences of America to shape the future of the country. Although historians dispute the argument that European explorers discovered America, it is clear that their exploration activities led to the discovery and exploitation of American resources. Before the coming of European explorers, there were lots of natives who carried out various economic activities including hunting, gathering, and agriculture. However, the European explorers brought a new way of exploiting resources in large scale to improve people’s lives. Their methods and practices helped the United States to discover their richness. I think this discovery is one of the reasons for the superpower of America politically and economically up to date.

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