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Write for Us

Since you’re here, you already know what this blog is about and what its objective is: that of allowing students to share intelligence by publishing their essays on history, lifestyle, and technology topics.

It can so happen that you want to become a part of our family because you’ve got amazing writing skills and a penchant for the aforementioned fields of interest and a thirst for communicating with like-minded students.

How to Become a Writer on My Blog

It literally doesn’t get any easier than this. All you have to do is contact me. After we’ve initiated a conversation, I will need to see if your essays are publishable. I will take a look at your writing in order to assess you’re familiar with the norms.

Afterwards, I will get back to you with the decisive answer. If I decide you’re eligible to have your essays published on my blog, you can send them to me directly and I’ll get to publishing them immediately.

I hope we’ll have a great collaboration and you’ll expand your horizons a great deal on my blog by either reading or publishing your work.